Your future at Wentronic!


Are you young, ambitious and do you want to gain more professional experience for your future working life? This is your chance- get on board at Wentronic!

Wentronic is a Braunschweig family Company with more than 300 employees. As a distributor of electronic accessories, we are one of the leaders in the sector in Europe, always looking for new talents who enlarge our company. Our junior staff, whether training, internship or career entry, receive full support every day and receive comprehensive and varied training. You will be integrated into all kinds of work and take over responsibility. On top of that, we will give you the opportunity to evolve yourself during your apprenticeship or Dual Course in order to get more and more experience for your future – hopefully at Wentronic! Our aim is to train young people as good as possible to employ them on a permanent basis.

By the way, more than 97% of all our trainees pass their final exams – over 65% even with higher grades.



picture: Rabea

„Even during my interview, the friendly/relaxed atmosphere appealed to me. My colleagues are very willing to help and are open to my questions. I am supported and feel comfortable. When it’s like this, you come to work feeling good.“


Rabea, 20 years

Apprentice salesperson in Wholesale and Foreign Trade

with Wentronic since 2016



„I very much like my exciting duties in a state-of-the-art working environment. Our automated carton warehouse particularly fascinates me. I learn a great deal and feel well looked after. We also have a lot of fun during our work – we laugh a lot with each other here.“


Niclas, 17 years

Apprentice Logistics Technician

with Wentronic since 2017

picture: Niclas


Application tips:

How to complete your application
Step 1 - Getting ready
  • What are your strengths and your talents? Would you like to work with a computer or are you looking for direct contact with people? Do you like to tackle things creatively or prefer to do it in a clearly structured way? In answering these and other questions, if you are clearly heading for your dream job with Wentronic, we would like you to set out as clearly as possible where you enjoy working the most.
  • Before you apply for a training position with us and perhaps even come for an interview, get closer to our company. Have a look at our company philosophy and Brands or our Catalogs.


Step 2 - The Application road map
  • Your application should be clearly organized, easy-to-read, well edited and compiled.
  • We recommend that you use the following structure:
    1. Cover (optional)
    2. Cover letter
    3. Resume
    4. Certificates, proof of internships, qualifications


Step 3 - The Cover
  • Adding a cover is absolutely not a necessity for us, but can definitely create a nice first impression.
  • If you decide on one, provide the following in it: portrait photo, name, telephone number, email address.


Step 4 - The Application Photo
  • Adding a photo to the application folder is not compulsory, but is definitely an advantage for you.
  • A personal picture from your holiday or a passport picture that you got from an automatic photo machine generally doesn’t make such a good impression. Instead, have your photograph taken individually and with authenticity at home, by friends or in a studio. In this way, you’ll be sure to make the best possible impression.
  • You can either attach your photo to the top right corner of your resume or put it directly on your cover page. You can vary the position, format and size according to your personal taste.


Step 5 - The Cover Letter
  • Our direct contact person for your application letter is Marleen Meyer - who’s also available for all questions on human resources and training at Wentronic. You’ll find all the address information for our company in the career section of our home page.
  • Refer to the advertised position in your text so that we can immediately assign you to the right category.
  • Tell us how you found us, what interests you in the job and why you would like to learn in our company.
  • What in particular qualifies you for the position? How have your training path and your personal strengths relating to the requirements developed so far? Describe with confidence why exactly we should hire you but be honest about it at all times.
  • In your cover letter, provide your address, your telephone number and your email address.
  • The cover letter should not exceed a DIN A4 page. Use an easy-to-read type face and pay attention to formatting such as type size, line spacing and margins.


Step 6 - The Resume
  • A resume can be broken up into four blocks thatare each ordered either chronologically or in reverse order (beginning with your current situation):
    1. Personal Data: Name, address, telephone number email address, date and place of birth, family situation,nationality.
    2. Training: from elementary school to the present with month and year details, diplomas obtained and if necessary, grades.
    3. Job History: Company, Location, Department, a brief description of your responsibilities.
    4. Specific knowledge and qualifications: internships, periods of residence abroad, voluntary activities, languages, computer knowledge, driver’s license.
  • Make sure you provide information without gaps as much as possible within the individual phases of your education; everything else raises questions.
  • Your resume should easily fill one to two pages altogether. At the very end should appear the location, the current date and your own signature.


Step 7 - Certificates
  • Concerning enclosures in your application folder: never forget the certificate of your highest educational achievement.
  • Likewise, you should always attach certificates and assessments from all your jobs, internship assessments and certificates.
  • When you apply by mail, never send your original documents but prepare easy-to-read copies or scans.


Step 8 - Sending or submitting the application by hand
  • Important: Before mailing, you should have your whole application proofread by someone else, because it’s too easy to overlook small mistakes.
  • We prefer to receive your application by email. You’ll find the appropriate email address on the back of this brochure. We would advise you to consider the following:
    • Use current formats like MS Word DOC, PDF or JPG for enclosed files. All together, these should not be more than 2-3 MB.
    • If you can’t put your documents consecutively into a single file, make sure you name individual files in a meaningful way (CoverLetter.pdf, Resume.doc etc.).
    • Plan the subject heading so that we can classify your email as quickly as possible, for example, with information on the job title.
    • If you’d like not to send your cover letter in the email text but as a separate attachment, use a short introductory text relating to the position you’re looking for.
  • If an email application is really not for you, you can of course also send a classic application dossier by mail or deliver it in person:
    • Your application will be best read on paper if it is orderly, neat and well organized; loose sheets of paper, clear plastic folders or a stapled stack of paper make it difficult for us.
    • Make sure you use a solid envelope and sufficient postage.
    • As a recipient address, use the address on the back page of this brochure; your documents will go straight to the right people.

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