Code of Conduct




Quality and product safety:

We build on the long-standing experience and abilities of our selected suppliers in order to abide by the quality standards that apply to us. We want our suppliers to manufacture according to the latest standards of technology. At the same time, we expect the products to correspond to the agreed specifications and patterns. We consider it very important that our products are free of faults that could represent an impairment to the health, life and property of people. Applicable legal requirements on product safety are observed in all conscience and our products are free of banned substances and meet the currently applicable legal requirements.


Law-abiding conduct:

For us, it is a matter of course to abide by the laws of the countries in which we operate. This applies regardless of any threatened penalties. Unlawful conduct infringes upon the interests of the company. Loss of reputation, prosecution, or loss of orders are possible consequences here. Lawful conduct thus also serves to protect the employees as well as the company. All of our employees are obligated to seek information about the laws and regulations that apply to them and abide by these.


Human dignity:

We respect and support the observance of internationally recognized human rights.


Working environment:

Our employment of employees is based on human rights as well as the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of the International Labour Organisation ILO. Wentronic does not tolerate child labor or forced labor in any form or any exploitation. During hiring and employment, the legal regulations on the protection of children and young people apply here. Furthermore, the valid occupational health and safety regulations apply to all employees. Employees are free to terminate the employment relationship while observing the periods of notice.

We object to unequal treatment or degradation based on gender, race, or background, religion or ideology, and other discriminatory conduct. We do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment of our employees.


Ensuring fair competition:

The observance of the legal regulations to protect competition must be ensured at all times. No coordination takes place with our competitors. In particular, condition and price agreements, and the regional division of markets are not permitted.  

The accepting of benefits can represent a high risk for our company and our employees. For this reason, unauthorized benefits are to be neither granted nor accepted.

Restraint should be exercised when accepting and giving gifts and donations. This may under no circumstances be in a form that means acceptance by the recipient must be concealed or he is obliged to provide a considerable service in return. There should be a strict division of private and business interests. Our activities may not be used to derive private benefits. The hiring of business partners for private purposes is to be avoided wherever possible. Business partners may not be given preference due to private interests.


Intellectual property:

Wentronic expects its business partners to abide by all applicable laws with regard to copyright and other intellectual property and not to knowingly and deliberately infringe upon the intellectual property of Wentronic or third parties.



Wentronic is oriented towards continuous national and international growth. This takes into account the shared interests of all those involved. For this reason, great importance is placed on the environment and public health in all investment and business decisions. Wentronic aims to continuously improve all processes by abiding by applicable legal regulations and provisions in the field of waste management, emissions, and water in its collaboration with its customers and suppliers so that waste from the business process can be prevented or reduced wherever possible. We expect this to the same degree from our business partners.


Implementation and observance of our principles:

Every individual employee contributes to putting our principles into practice. Like all of our processes, these principles are subject to constant renewal and adaptation to new circumstances and influences. Correspondingly, all employees are called upon to contact their manager or other responsible employees in confidence in the event of any ambiguities, questions, or suggested amendments.



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