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SKROSS - Product recalls (71010/73561)

WorldConnect AG - Recall of a product batch of our Europe to UK adapter - more information - more information.



Important Product Information!

For reasons of safety we are recalling the following products. The LED light bulbs listed below, purchased from us in the period between 29.04.11 and 15.03.12, may be affected by an production error:

Article 30427 LED light bulb G9 Ambient 360° 150LM
Article 30428 LED light bulb G9 Classic 360° 160LM
Article 30429 LED light bulb G9 Daylight 360° 155LM

In order to avoid any inconveniences, the following measures are absolutely imperative:


  1. Please discontinue the distribution of the affected products
  2. For crediting return the products back to Wentronic with the note: Recall „LED light bulb G9Series I; 30427, 30428, 30429“


After receiving the returned products you will get a credit for your goods. Please send us your new order with your need for the products to be replaced. As a replacement we offer the following LED G9 light bulbs:

30462 LED light bulb G9 Ambient II 360° 210LM
30461 LED light bulb G9 Daylight II 360° 220LM



EC Declaration of Conformity

Through the EC Declaration of Conformity, the manufacturer (or if it has its headquarters outside the EU, its authorized representative with headquarters in the EU), confirms that a product marketed by it meets the fundamental health and safety requirements of all relevant European guidelines and thus conforms to them. The EC Declaration of Conformity is the basis for the CE marking of the corresponding product.

At Wentronic you can find the EC Declaration of Conformity for any item by entering the respective item number or name of the product in the search field. The form is located below the item description in the download area.


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