The construction products directive



The construction products directive (CPR/CPD) 305/2011/EU

The EU Directive prescribes safety and health targets for products, being permanently installed in buildings, which include, in particular, the freedom from pollutants and the fire behavior.

Our range currently includes exclusively non-assembled installation cables, which have been compulsorily tested since 01 July 2017 in accordance with the harmonized EU standard EN 50575.

This applies in short to

-  Power cords and cables,

-  Control and communication cables,

-  Fiber optic cables,

In case they are intended for installation in the building industry.

Only "bare" cables and lines, as they are termed so-called meterware, are affected, but not those with further components such as, for example, Connectors. Such products can also be tested on a voluntary basis in accordance with EN 50575. However, this requires the individual case decision and cannot be assumed as standard.

The technical state EN 50575: 2014 counts for goods which were placed on the market or produced for the first time BEFORE 1 July 2017. The goods tested under this standard are allowed for resell after the deadline. The technical state EN 50575: 2014 + A1: 2016, as amended, applies to goods which have been put into the market or have been manufactured for the first time AFTER 1 July 2017.

Goods which are in contact with the scope of the Construction Products Directive or which could theoretically be installed in buildings but which are NOT approved for permanent installation in buildings, are clearly shown in the product description.

Ex.: "This product is not approved for permanent installation in buildings."

CE_2661Products that have been tested according to the Construction Products Directive are marked with an extended CE marking and usually include a Declaration of Performance (DoP) in addition to the EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC).










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