Webshop features




Expanded search functions

Starting immediately, you can find what you're looking for much faster! With the new filter function, you can focus the results; word completion function, category suggestions, and product recommendations show you items related to your search.


Custom-tailored recommendations

You no longer need to search for products that match your orders, represent a practical addition to your product range, or are particularly popular. We find them for you, and show them to you all at once!


More "mywentronic"

New functions and a better overview of your orders make it possible to view delivery status, returns, and repeat orders, or to print out important documents.



Always logged in

Even when you leave our web site, you remain logged in, and when you return, you immediately see what's new.


Overview of top brands

A list of our top internal and exclusive brands is located right on the home page. The list takes you to a wealth of interesting additional information regarding the product range.


Optimal display

Whether PC, tablet, or smartphone: The new "responsive design" adapts to any screen size, so you always have an overview of the latest products, even while on the go.



Clear navigation structure

The product categories in the online store correspond one hundred per cent to our printed catalog. So you can also use both of them together ideally.


More users

The new online store provides for personal access for as many of your employees as you need.


Popular items

Starting immediately, to make sure you don't forget anything, you will find all the new items and the most frequently clicked products right on your start page.


Articles recently visited